Overview of power tool products and analysis of their development trends
2019-07-29 16:42:28

Power tool products have been widely used because they can save manpower and improve efficiency. Now they have played an indispensable role in our daily production and life. However, due to the innovation of science and technology, it is still in the process of continuous development. Now, through the simple investigation and understanding of power tool products, the application status and development trend are analyzed.

1. Analysis and application of current status of electric products

Power tool products are products with a certain technological content, and because of its great applicability, it also has certain technical added value. The power tool product integrates a series of industrial technologies such as material control, material forming, motor, chemical technology, etc., so its industrial chain can be driven to a wide range. Power tool products have different status quo in different stages of development. In developed countries, because industrial industries use a large number of large-scale machines that are automatically controlled, the demand for power tools as auxiliary labor is small, and more Family life or application in individual small-scale production.

2. Ergonomic design of electric products

The final service target of all products is human, so the design of power tool products must follow the principle of letting users have a better experience during use. Therefore, the design and manufacture of power tool products are generally guided by ergonomics.

3. The design of electric products

Power tools must also be designed to take into account the user's general preferences. Making small changes and changes in color and shape may be more responsive to the public. Sometimes a small protrusion or arc, a few different combinations of the same color block will affect the overall visual effect of the tool, and the aesthetically pleasing tools will feel comfortable when used.

4. Development trend of electric products

Today, domestic demand for electric products is increasing year by year. In industrially developed countries, households have a large market share in the use and consumption of power tools; while in China, this proportion is small, which means that there are still a large potential market in China. Moreover, more and more other countries have taken a fancy to this part of China's market. In recent years, they have come to China to invest and build many factories that produce electric tools. Therefore, this industry can be developed at a high speed for the present and foreseeable future.

Because power tools are closely integrated with the development of technology, its replacement is very fast, its functions will become more comprehensive, and the scope of coverage will become more and more extensive. Since the need for high efficiency in production and life will not end, the market demand for power tools will not decrease. Moreover, the technology of power tools is constantly innovating, and because of its combination with a wide range of science and technology, it has always been able to get new blood, and more and more development directions. For example, the combination of electronic technology and power tools enables power tools to develop in an intelligent direction, expanding the range of applications of power tools and increasing their functions. There is also the development of environmentally-friendly power tools, which conforms to the trend of the times and conforms to the theme of today's world. This aspect of research is sure to be strongly supported by the state. In addition, the current wireless charging technology is constantly evolving. In the near future, the combination of power tools and wireless charging technology will be further improved, and its convenience and adaptability to the working environment will be further improved.

Therefore, the power tools should be developed in the direction of intelligence, green, and simplification.