Handheld power tools, operation safety technology
2019-09-20 21:16:25

Hardware power tools are commonly used in the modern industrial industry. They are generally driven by electricity. However, there are some things to be aware of during use. What should the operators pay attention to when using the power tools?

Power tool operation precautions:

1. Before using the tool, the full-time electrician should check whether the wiring is correct and prevent the accident caused by the wrong connection between the neutral line and the phase line.

2. For long-term use of tools that are not used or damp, the electrical insulation should be measured by an electrician to meet the requirements.

3. The flexible cable or cord that comes with the tool must not be connected. When the distance between the power supply and the working place is long, the mobile electric lock box should be used.

4. The original plug of the tool must not be removed or changed at will. When the original plug is damaged, it is strictly forbidden to directly insert the wire of the wire into the socket without using the plug.

5. If the tool casing and handle are broken, they should be stopped and replaced.

6. Non-professional personnel shall not disassemble and repair tools without authorization.

7. The rotating parts of the holding tool should have protective devices.

8. The operator wears protective protective equipment (insulated shoes, insulated gloves, etc.) as required.

9. The power supply must be equipped with a leakage protector.

10. It is strictly forbidden to use overload, pay attention to the sound and temperature rise, and stop the inspection immediately if abnormality is found.